Cybersecurity Wing: Cisco Talos

Cybersecurity Wing: Cisco Talos 

The cybersecurity unit of Cisco Systems called Cisco Talos offers threat intelligence and security solutions to businesses all around the world. 

A group of security researchers, analysts, and engineers form the division; they collaborate to discover and counteract security risks, offer useful intelligence, and create security technology.

Cybersecurity Wing: Cisco Talos

Cisco Talos provides a range of cybersecurity solutions, including:

Threat Intelligence: Cisco Talos provides enterprises with real-time threat intelligence, allowing them to react swiftly to new attacks and enhance their general security posture.

Talos can transform threat data and straightforward indications into actionable, context-rich threat information by correlating and monitoring threats with Threat Intelligence & Interdiction. Talos' unique ability to instantly identify threats and threat actors allows us to promptly and effectively safeguard our customers.

Vulnerability management: Cisco Talos assists enterprises in locating and fixing weaknesses in their networks and systems, lowering the likelihood of a successful cyberattack.

Researching Vulnerabilities & Discovery creates automated, repeatable methods to find critical security flaws in the standard software and operating systems that clients use every day, including platforms like ICS and IoT systems.

Cybersecurity Wing: Cisco Talos

Before threat actors can exploit them, our team collaborates with manufacturers to expose and repair more than 200 vulnerabilities annually, therefore lowering the total attack surface. 

This action enables Talos to retain skill sets that mimic those of adversaries while also blocking possible attack avenues.

Network Security: Cisco Talos offers network security solutions, including as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and web security gateways, to assist businesses in defending their networks against online attacks.

Email Security: Cisco Talos offers email security solutions that assist businesses in defending against email-borne dangers including malware, spam, and phishing.

Threat Detection and Response: Cisco Talos offers solutions for threat detection and reaction that assist enterprises in promptly identifying and reacting to security problems.

Talos Incident Response offers a comprehensive array of proactive and reactive services to assist clients in becoming ready for, responding to, and recovering from a breach.

Customers get direct access to the same threat intelligence that Cisco has and top-notch emergency response capabilities thanks to Talos IR. Our professionals collaborate with clients to assess current strategies, create new ones, and offer prompt support.