Cisco DNA: Advantage License Vs Essential License

Conventional networks can’t meet the requests of a next generation digital network. Conventional networks were hardware centric, physical with divided security, and concentrated on network data. The new network that energies digital business requests with a software-driven approach, automation, built-in security, business visions with preemptive monitoring, and troubleshooting.

The Next generation network model which Cisco come up with the DNA architecture. DNA stands for Digital Network Architecture where all the process in the network will be the automatic and have features like monitoring, network visibility and all. In the modern era there are lot of Network OEMs working to make the ease of operation and uplift the process by changing the process to troubleshoot. The Next generation network will help to resolve problems in faster turnaround time.  

In our earlier posts, we talk about the DNA architecture's most important pillar and that is DNA center which can act as a controller to handle the control plane in the network. 

These above mentioned article will help you to understand what is the Next Generation networks in terms of Cisco. Here in this article I will talk about the licensing models used for DNA architecture which is basically used to deliver the solutions in the LAN and WAN networks. 

Note: Cisco provides SD-Access as a solution in the LAN network where Control plane handles by DNA Center. Cisco also provide Viptela SD-WAN solution in the WAN and is proposed on the same DNA architecture where the control plane is vManage.

So basically we have three kinds of Licensing models here and these models are Advantage License, Essential license and Cisco One advantage license model. So here we will talk about the Essential and Advantage licenses.

Note: Cisco DNA is an architecture and Cisco DNA center is one of the use case of Cisco DNA architecture.

Advantage License: So in the advantage license, we have below categories which are included and these are DNA advantage and Network Advantage. 

Advanced Automation
Location Plug and Play
Automated ISE integration for guest
Policy-based Automation

Assurance and Analytics
Proactive Issue Detection and Guided Remediation
Apple iOS Insights
Aironet Active Sensor Tests
Application performance (Packet Loss, Latency and Jitter),
App 360, AP 360, Client 360 and WLC 360
SD-Access (Policy-based) Assurance
SD-WAN assurance
Client Location Heat maps
Custom Reports
Intelligent capture

Essential License: So in the Essential license, we have below categories which are included and these are DNA essential and Network essential.

Base Automation
Plug and Play
Network Site Design and Device Provisioning

Element Management
Image Management
Network Topology and Discovery

Base Assurance
Health dashboard (Network, Client and Application)
AP Floor map and Coverage map
Application Visibility
Pre-defined Reports
Rogue management and detection
Fig 1.1- Cisco DNA Licenses
So the third license model is Cisco One Advantage License, which includes both DNA advantage and DNA essential licenses with the Cisco One feature which means you can transfer the license from one hardware to another hardware. 

The purpose of Cisco one licensing model is very much impressive so transfer the licenses from the one hardware to another hardware in case where old hardware needs to refresh in case support ends. Earlier you have to purchase the hardware as well as the licenses because earlier licenses are stick to the hardware. 

With the new approach of Cisco one you need not to refresh the licenses with the hardware as they can easily be transfer to another new hardware if their support is there.