WAN Optimizer: Riverbed SteelHead EX

 Riverbed metallic Head EX combines pleasant-in-class optimization with virtualization and storage consolidation to your branch places of work and all their applications walking at height overall performance throughout hybrid networks. 

With the help of steel Head EX allows you to consolidate previously orphaned offerings onto the first converged infrastructure answer purpose-built for the department. Consolidating and virtualizing with steel head EX streamlines operations, decreases costs, simplifies control and allows more responsive carrier delivery.

With growing strain to do more with fewer resources in branch places of work, it's far an increasing number of centralizing and virtualizing branch office servers to reduce costs and streamline control.

Fig 1.1- Riverbed SteelHead EX

The Riverbed  Steel Head EX series is a specialized product line focused on the needs of active branch offices. The Riverbed Steel Head EX series combines WAN optimization and virtualization to enable organizations to meet the needs of the active branch office with an enterprise-class branch office box. 

Built on VMware, the Steel Head EX series offers the performance of the award winning RiOS and flexibility of the Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP) for greater consolidation than ever before. 

The Steel Head EX series offers a new approach to consolidating branch office infrastructure, enabling the fluid enterprise by simplifying branch management, reducing costs, and increasing operational agility. 

Some of what sets Steel Head EX apart is:
  • Next Generation Consolidation on an Enterprise Branch Office Box
  • High Performance Appliances for the Active Branch
  • RiOS Performance
  • Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP)
Services such as DNS, DHCP, and print services continue to remain in the branch on dedicated, remote servers. This limitation increases management complexity, as well as the operational and capital costs of running a branch office.  With Steel Head EX, you can virtually run network and application services in any branch office. 

Every Steel Head EX solution features the Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP), a dedicated platform with VMware v Sphere virtualization services that can be run virtually in any branch office to enable consolidation.

Deploying Steel Head EX, you can run edge services virtually in all of your branch offices — without having to deploy and manage standalone servers.
Steel Head EX provides:
  • Increases application and data transfer performance up to 100x
  • Eliminates the need to purchase, maintain, and protect stand-alone servers in branch offices
  • Dynamically selects the best application path possibilities based on application-aware, business intent-based policies and network availability
  • Reduces IT infrastructure complexity and simplifies management by combining services onto a high-performance branch-office solution
  • Ensures business continuity and rapid recovery from disasters or interruptions
  • Reduces bandwidth utilization by up to 95%, thus deferring costly network bandwidth upgrades
Steel Head EX 560 Series
Steel Head EX 760 Series