Cisco and Huawei Command references

 This is one of the interesting topic where a network using both of the devices in a enterprise shell and want the skills of both routers so that admin can execute the commands for Cisco and Huawei routers. It's a new world where the best of the devices are mixed in the network to get the best practices in the network design.

Although the network is more now moving to the cloud or automation but the concept of the CLI is the major in today's network as many of the devices are still on the CLI based commands which is executed manually in the devices.

You can also share the information like the command lines for Cisco-Juniper, Cisco-Alcatel, Hauwei-Juniper, Huawei-Alcatel and Alcatel-Juniper commands lines with us as well.

Today i am discussing about the CLI commands of these devices as Cisco and Huawei and how they are differ from each other in the commands. Lets have a look on this. If you guys have more commands information between Cisco and Huawei please share with us, so that same can be share with the people around the world.

Fig 1.1- Cisco and Huawei Commands

Above is the some of the commands of Cisco and Huawei that how they differ from each other when used in the Cisco and in Huawei.

Please let me know if i am wrong somewhere so that we can edit and also please share if you have any other information regarding the comparison of the commands between them.