Cisco ASR 1001-X Router

Well lets think when we have the centralised datacenter and we need all the traffic from the global sites to come into the datacenter environment. When all these sites are connected via MPLS environment and all the traffic come across your datacenter from the MPLS environment of the ISP. What you think which router is capable of handling such a huge traffic and allows the backplane traffic smoothly.

There are lot of enterprises which really design a good enterprise network and work design and troubleshoot accordingly. The major role here in the enterprise datacenter network is the door of the Datacenter and the door should be capable of getting so much traffic allows inside and outside so that every site can talk to datacenter.

We can have another scenario where we have some applications hosted on the server and is lying there on the server in the datacenter. These applications can be public or private, so these can be accessed from the different part of the globes. So think how much traffic will come to access this application ? how many people are going to use this applications, i knew datacenter have a capable of routed the huge traffic as there are datacenter switches before they are reaching to the servers. If we take the example of Cisco devices, we have high end Cisco Nexus 7k and Nexus 5K further connected to Cisco Nexus 2K switches with the high capacity of the backplane traffic.

So start with the door, you need high end router to have this much of traffic capability. I knew there are lot of traffic but let us suppose the aggregated traffic will be 1 Gbps which is coming inside the datacenter from the various location across the globe. As per the best design with the capabilities of Cisco devices we can choose Cisco ASR 1001-X for this role where it act as CE router and is connected to the PE Router of the ISP.

Fig 1.1 - Cisco ASR 1001-X Router

So lets see what ASR 1001-X router have in its feature so that we can design as per the feature set and the design requirement on the enterprise network.

  • So Cisco ASR 1001-X has redundant instances of Cisco IOS-XE software inside it
  • Advanced services can operate at high speeds without the need for additional hardware or blades.
  • Redundant hardware combined with modular software contains faults to prevent system wide failure
  • It protects investment through easy transition to much higher encryption support, offering encryption support of up to 78 Gbps with the 200-Gbps Cisco ASR 1000 Series ESP (ASR1000-ESP200)
  • 8-GB DRAM shared across route processor, ESP, and SIP
  • Cisco ASR 1001-X Series Route Processor with Quad Core Processor
  • 6 Gigabit Ethernet Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) ports
  • Upgradable through a software-activated feature license to 5, 10, or 20 Gbps
So what you think, Is this router is capable of getting the things on the right way or getting so much traffic in your datacenter. Yes although, if you have not a very big enterprise network like you are getting more than 20 Gbps of traffic inside your datacenter and you need the more capable device called the Monster you are very much favourable with this Cisco ASR 1001-X device.

Cisco already have other models where you required more slots or you required more backplane traffic so fulfil your requirements in your network. There are models such as ASR 1001-HX or ASR 1002-HX or for more slots you can have the other models like ASR 1004, ASR 1006, ASR 1009 or ASR 1013 models with X capabilities.

Its very important to understand the requirement and the accordingly design the network so that the solution can be scalable to support the further traffic at least for 3-5 years.

Thanks we will come up with other models of Cisco routers and switches in our posts soon, Stay connected and educate people around you accordingly with the requirement and the design.