Cisco CCNA Basics-II: VTP password,VTP Transparent Mode and VTP pruning

Today I am going to talk about the configuration example of VTP password, configuring VTP Transparent Mode and VTP pruning. Below is the example showing the how to configure VTP password, VTP Transparent mode and VTP pruning.

Fig 1.2- VLAN Topology
Enabling VTP password
RouteXP #vtp password Cisco123#
//Setting device VLAN database password to Cisco123#.
RouteXP  #show vtp password
//VTP Password: Cisco123#.
RouteXP  #

Enabling VTP Transparent Mode
RouteXP  # configuration terminal
RouteXP  (config)# vtp transparent
// Setting device to VTP mode.
RouteXP  (config)# end
RouteXP  #

VTP Status Transparent Mode
RouteXP  # show vtp status 
VTP Version                                           : 2
 Configuration Revision                         : 247
 Maximum VLANs supported locally   : 1005
 Number of existing VLANs                 : 10
 VTP Operating Mode                           : Transparent
 VTP Domain Name                              : NB-Networks
 VTP Pruning Mode                              : Enabled
 VTP V2 Mode                                      : Disabled
 VTP Traps Generation                          : Disabled
 MD5 digest                                           : 0x13 0x14 0xNU 0xSO 0x10 0xC0 0xB4 0x19
RouteXP  #

Enabling VTP pruning
RouteXP  # vtp pruning
// Pruning switched ON

VTP Status
RouteXP  # show vtp status | include Pruning
//VTP Pruning Mode: Enabled
RouteXP  #