Cybersecurity : F5 BIG-IP DNS Security Solution: F5 Global Traffic Manager (GTM)

Today I am going to talk about the DNS security solution which F5 offers as BIG-IP DNS security solution. Scaling and safeguarding every infrastructure supports to guard enterprises from site outages and recovers DNS and application efficiency.

Safeguarding DNS organizations from the modern circulated denial-of-service (DDoS) bouts and defensive DNS enquiry replies from cache-poisoning sends will support and save enterprise industry online and workable.

But to completely attain these objectives, enterprise want well-organized traditions to supervise DNS frame and application strength and to scale on request to gather precise necessities.

Global Traffic Manager or so called F5 BIG-IP DNS security solution allocates DNS and employer application requirements based on business policies, data center and cloud service circumstances, user location, and application functioning.

Fig 1.1- F5 BIG-IP DNS Security Solution: F5 Global Traffic Manager (GTM)
BIG‑IP DNS offers hyper scale efficiency that can handgrip even the engaged sites.When sites have a capacity spike in DNS inquiries due to genuine requirements or DDoS attacks, BIG-IP DNS accomplishes needs with multicore processing and F5 DNS Express, intensely aggregate authoritative DNS efficiency up to 50 million RPS to rapidly reply to all inquiries.

The BIG-IP platform brings  high-efficiency DNS facilities with visibility, reporting, and analysis; hyper scales and safeguards DNS replies geographically to endure DDoS attacks; brings a wide-ranging, real-time DNSSEC solution and guarantees extreme availability of global applications in all hybrid environments.

It can afford the best quality of service (QoS) for the users while eradicating underprivileged application functioning. DNS Express advances average DNS server roles by discharging DNS replies as an authoritative DNS server. BIG-IP DNS admits zone assignments of DNS archives from the primary DNS server and answers DNS inquiries authoritatively.

Profits and qualities of multicore administering and DNS Express includes:
  • High-speed reply and DDoS bout defence with in-memory DNS
  • Commanding DNS duplication in numerous BIG-IP or DNS provision deployments for faster answers
  • Commanding DNS and DNSSEC in simulated clouds for catastrophe salvage and fast, secure replies
  • Ascendable DNS functioning for class of app and provision proficiency
  • The capability to strengthen DNS servers and upturn ROI
Secure Applications
DNS denial-of-service bouts, cache poisoning, and DNS hijacking impend the accessibility and security of the applications. BIG‑IP DNS guards beside DNS bouts and permits users to generate polices that offer an extra layer of defence for enterprise applications and data. DNS attack protection features include:
  • Hardened device: BIG-IP DNS is ICSA Labs Certified as a network firewall and battles collective teardrop, ICMP, or muse bouts.
  • DNS attack protection: BIG-IP DNS deals built-in protocol authentication in software to spontaneously droplet high-volume UDP, DNS query, NXDOMAIN floods, and deformed packets. We can also custom BIG-IP DNS in hardware to ease these high-volume outbreaks.
  • DNS load balancing: The BIG-IP platform can be used to front-end static DNS servers. If the DNS demand is for a name controlled by the BIG-IP platform, F5 DNS services will reply the appeal.
  • Security control: F5 iRules for DNS can support to produce policies that chunk needs from rogue sites.
  • Packet filtering: BIG-IP DNS uses packet filtering to limit or deny websites’ access based on source, destination, or port.