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Palo-Alto PA-7000 Series Firewall- Next Generation Firewalls

The PA-7000 series is power-driven way of an accessible structure for the explicit resolution of applying the proper kind and volume of handling power to the key applied tasks of networking, protection, content inspection and management. 

Big telecommunications vendors are reliable objectives of cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals are penetrating for to pickled borrow consumer statistics from their data centers, interrupt services and influence provider company networks as vectors for attacks on companies.  

Palo Alto Networks addresses this task head-on with the Palo Alto Networks security platform that includes the Palo Alto Networks subsequent technology Firewall, coincidental Intelligence Cloud, and advanced Endpoint safety. The PA-7000 series chassis logically distributes the computational handling stresses of networking, protection, danger prevention and control throughout 3 subsystems, each with large numbers of computing power and keen memory

As data centers and networks grow in capacity, speed, and complexity, a security donation that potentials prevention towards cyber-attacks at scale is needed.

The platform removes the security, performance and operational shortcomings of heritage merchandise and traditional security architectures.  it is designed to stop cyber-attacks even as distributing scalable overall performance, treatment automation, and orchestration. 

Fig 1.1- Palo-Alto Firewall PA-7000

Palo-Alto PA-7080 subsequent technology Next Generation Firewalls affords the energy, workable scalability, and management simplicity that is perfectly suited for implementing the platform in large organization and service issuer environments too snug their property and offerings.

The PA-7000 Series Firewall managed as a single, unified system, which enables you to easily direct all of the accessible resources to the remarkable task of protecting your data. The controlling element of the PA-7000 Series is a single-pass organization engine that examines all traffic negotiating the appliance to immediately control three critical elements that become the cell of your security policy and the solicitation identity regardless of port, the content, malicious or otherwise, and the user identity.

The benefits of decisive the application, content, and user in a single pass, and grounding your security policy on those business relevant elements. The first is a perfection in your security posture presented by more straight mapping with your security policies to key business leads while reducing the organizational overhead related with security policies. 

The other benefit is a decrease in latency transported on by the elimination of the redundant scanning and look-up tasks commonly found in alternative contributions. To help further simplify administrative effort, annual support and subscription fees for the PA-7000 Series are system-wide, which means that no matter how many NPCs are installed, the annual fees are constant, providing you with a predictable, annual cost structure.

The PA-7080 is designed for non-disruptive integration into large networks and minimal ongoing operational expense.  It supports virtual wire, L2 and L3 networking, high availability modes combined with simplified management, simplified licensing, and intelligent traffic management. The PA-7080 is NEBS compliant, has front-to-back cooling, and AC/DC power supply options as standard features.

The PA-7080 is joined by the PA-7050 to comprise the PA-7000 Series, which redefines high-performance network security and offers the perfect blend of power, intelligence, and simplicity that service providers and enterprises need to achieve prevention at scale.

The PA-7080 delivers the computing power and software architecture required to prevent today's cyber-attacks across all applications in even the largest networks and datacenters. Based on a proven architecture that blends ultra-efficient software with nearly 700 function-specific processors for networking, security, content inspection, and management, the PA-7080 can deliver up to 200Gbps throughput and 100Gbps with all security capabilities enabled.

Because of the combination of power, intelligence, and simplicity, the PA-7080 is ideally and equally suited to deliver prevention at scale for:
  • Internal data centers, where service providers and enterprises secure their business infrastructure;
  • Service delivery infrastructure, where speed and scale are of utmost importance and threat prevention at scale is critical; and
  • Internet gateways, where safe enablement of all applications and protection from known and unknown threats are critical.

As performance and capacity are needed, the PA-7000 Series devices will intelligently scale by automatically allocating new computing resources as they are made available when new processing cards are added.  To simplify system administration and costs, the devices are managed and licensed as single unified systems.

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