Cisco Meraki FAQs

Cisco Meraki FAQs

Cisco Meraki FAQs

What is Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst?

Cloud monitoring for Catalyst provides an integrated view of Catalyst 9000 series switches, seamlessly integrated into the Meraki dashboard experience.

Cloud monitoring provides the ability to view Catalyst switch statistics, configuration, and troubleshooting capabilities.

These switches will be automatically tagged with “Monitor Only” in the dashboard to distinguish from fully managed Meraki switches.

Aside from this difference, “Monitor Only” Catalyst switches appear and function very similarly to Meraki MS switches in the dashboard, including a visual representation of connected ports and traffic information.

What Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst is NOT?

Cloud monitoring does not replace other management solutions for configuration of switches. As a monitoring tool, most operations are read-only. All live troubleshooting capabilities will also not result in persistent changes to configuration following the troubleshooting operation.

In general, Catalyst switches connected to the Meraki dashboard for cloud monitoring provide a similar interface to that provided for MS switches. However, not all functionality or operations are exactly the same.

What configs will be applied to my devices when they are onboarded for Cloud Monitoring?

In order to enable Catalyst devices to be monitored by Dashboard, limited configuration changes are required, such as those performed by the Cloud Monitoring Onboarding application to initiate Cisco cloud services connectivity. Additional configuration changes are necessary post-onboarding to enable devices to send status and telemetry information. Finally, some configuration commands are required for certain Dashboard live tools, such as Port Cycling.

These configuration changes are performed by our cloud services using NETCONF or IOS-XE CLI commands to the devices through the TLS tunnel established during the onboarding process.

I am getting a netconf error. What do I need to do?

Netconf is a protocol used within the encrypted tunnel to communicate between the switch and cloud.

If this error appears, additional information may be provided in the syslog (show log) of the switch regarding resolution steps.

After resolving based on any log information shown, the Netconf process should be restarted (no netconf-yang; netconf-yang in the running configuration). Please note that any other processes requiring Netconf will be unavailable while Netconf restarts.

The error may take up to an hour to resolve in Dashboard following the process restart.

My trunk ports are showing as access ports in dashboard. How can I fix that?

The explicit configuration for trunk ports “switch port mode trunk” can be added to the interface configuration by the user to ensure the port shows as a trunk port

My Network Clients are not showing a hostname. Is that normal?

Clients connected via layer 2 to this port will display VLAN, IP address, and MAC address information. Automated hostname detection is not yet supported.

I can't see the troubleshooting console (aka show terminal) in dashboard. Why is that?

The troubleshooting console can be opened using the “Tools” tab of the switch details page. It is available only for Dashboard administrators with full (read/write) access.

The console provides read-only access to "show" commands through a console emulator to assist with troubleshooting operations. Write commands and configuration are not permitted.

Please be wary of the following:

  • The console will proxy individual commands to the CLI of the switch through the cloud. It does not establish a persistent connection. 
  • Only full read/write Dashboard administrators have access to the troubleshooting console. Read-only Dashboard users are not permitted access to the console.
  • All commands will run using the meraki-user account from the cloud.

I have a 9500 Catalyst switch and I am not seeing application analytics in Dashboard. Why is that?

Catalyst 9500 series switches will not send application data to the dashboard due to hardware limitations.

Can I have a mix of DNA license tiers on my Catalyst devices? 

Mixing and matching license levels will cause unexpected behavior

I am not getting Client Analytics in Dashboard. Why is that?

Clients connected to switches using a DNA Essentials license or directly to a Catalyst 9500 series switch will not be included in the total amount shown

I am not seeing the lightning bolt in Dashboard for my PoE ports. Why is that?

Ports using PoE do not currently include the lightning bolt in the graphical switch display.

I have made a configuration change on a port but it's still not showing in Dashboard. Why is that?

Changes to the running configuration of the Catalyst switch may take a few minutes to reflect in Dashboard. Modified configuration will not be shown in Dashboard while the switch is in the process of being configured and still in configuration mode. To ensure changes are reflected in Dashboard, make sure to exit configuration mode. This will allow the switch to inform the cloud of the committed configuration change and initiate the update in Dashboard.