Introduction to Collaboration Space : Cisco WebEx

Today I am going to talk about the Cisco collaboration tool named as WebEx. Starting with the WebEx Communication, it is the company which is later captured by Cisco and then it is named as Cisco WebEx now a days. Cisco WebEX have various features in the collaboration space. You can have the demanded collaboration, online meetings, web conferencing and Video Conferencing features inbuilt in the Cisco WebEx.

Fig 1.1- Cisco WebEx collaboration with Endpoints

You can have various features in Cisco WebEx like we can explain below some of them as:
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center : You can contact with anyone online, you can present, you can share and you can collaborate. With the help of Voice and Video you can share your ideas and have decisions faster. It can also act as web conference video rooms where you can express your views and meet new people in the collaboration space.
  • Cisco WebEx Event Center : With the use of the Cisco WebEx you can have the webinars and Web events. You can also records the events you presents and share the recorded versions to everyone if required. Even you can sync up the Outlook calendars with the WebEx meetings and have track on your appointments.
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Servers : If you are talking about the server of the Cisco WebEx, It is highly secured cloud based server which is highly available as well. It can support every endpoint which includes, iPads, iPhones and other Voice enabled end points ( Phones, IP-Phones and all other devices ). It extends IP telephony to Conferencing, where a lot of people can connect and talk via video and audio.
By the use of the Cisco WebEx, you can also use Telepresence system be the part of the WebEx and also include the white boarding in it. This is called the Smart white boarding. Require no large, up-front investment, and offer a predictable cost and licensing model. You can save lot of dollars on Hardware, software and the maintenance costs with WebEx.

Fig 1.2- Cisco WebEx Cloud Features
We are come-up with the use cases where and why to use the Cisco WebEx. Even so many enterprises now a days moves there collaboration space with Cisco WebEx. WebEx is very much popular in North America region and yet to have the footprints in Asia Pacific region. But I guess its amazing experience to have the Cisco WebEx in the Enterprise network to support the Voice, Video conferencing with Web, audio space in one package.

It has high scalability features as well, you can scale a lot of people and expand your business growth with the support of thousand of concurrent users 24 hours a day. It's a very reliable network and has a high availability features inbuilt.