Cisco ASR Compare models- Hardware Comparison ( ASR 1000 Series feature set comparison)

Today i will discuss about the various models of Cisco ASR 1000 series router and the comparison between these models. Cisco announce ASR 1001 and ASR 1002 end of life and on the ground now Cisco is now going with the models ASR 1001-X and ASR 1002-X in the market for the requirement where these routers are fit. 

In this article i am not going to talk about the L3 features or the other capabilities of ASR 1000 series various models. This is article is basically for the hardware feature set comparison between the models. I will cover the features like L3 protocols, Performance and others in another article to make it simple and understandable. 

Always make the Hardware and the software feature set differently so that it can be easily access to everybody. There are some set of features i am going to cover in the comparison model
I am covering the models here 
  • Cisco ASR 1001-X
  • Cisco ASR 1002-X
  • Cisco ASR 1001-HX
  • Cisco ASR 1002-HX
  • Cisco ASR 1004
  • Cisco ASR 1006
  • Cisco ASR 1006-X
  • Cisco ASR 1009-X
  • Cisco ASR 1013
Following features i am going to cover in this article. please let me know if you guys have specific requirement or query on it.
  • Shared port adapters
  • Ethernet port adapters
  • Network interface modules (NIMs)
  • Embedded services processor slots
  • Route processor slots
  • Number of SPA interface processors (SIPs) supported
  • Redundancy
  • Number of SFP built-in GE ports
  • Number of SFP built-in 10GE ports
  • Integrated daughter card (IDC)
  • Redundant power supply
  • Airflow, Height, Width, Depth and Weight
Below mentioned table shows the comparison for the features. Click on the image for more clarity

Fig 1.1- Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router