Check out the Value : Administrative distance ( Cisco ) Route Preference ( Juniper ) Route Preference( HP) and Preference ( Huawei )

Administrative distance the word you always hearing whenever you heard about the routing Protocols and you are very much aware of the AD values of all the routing protocols. These AD values are come into picture whenever you have Cisco routers and you are implementing the routing protocols on the top of it.

Apart from Cisco, when we have Juniper, HP or Huawei routers then the values actually changes.
Instead of AD, Juniper called it as Route Preference, same is with the HP as HP also uses the same Route Preference values. Huawei take this as only Preference.

  • Cisco- Administrative distance
  • Juniper- Route Preference
  • HP- Route Preference
  • Huawei- Preference
Below table shows you the values for the various Routing Protocols with respect to Cisco, Juniper, HP and Huawei.

Fig 1.1- Routing Protocols AD Values
Hope you are surprised as most of you guys don't know about the different AD values on the different routers ( as per the OEM). They all have different Standards and hence choose accordingly. The values for OSPF in Cisco and HP/Huawei is different. Same is with the RIP, in Cisco RIP AD value is 120 while others set the value to 100.