Introduction to Versa Networks SD-Branch with Security Features

Today I am going to talk about the Security component of Software defined networking for branch offices from Versa networks. Versa SD-WAN Security upsurges shield at the branch or remote offices particularly where direct Internet access and streamlines interoperability of security, operation of multiple security functions, through centralized management and control policy plan. 

Introduction to Versa SD-Security Solution
Let’s talk about the Versa SD-Security. Versa SD-Security solution delivers a wide-ranging set of software-based functions including stateful and NGFW firewalls, malware protection, URL and content filtering, IPS and anti-virus and DDoS protection. 

Versa SD-WAN Security solutions expand cost productivity by using service appliances vs. trademarked hardware, streamlining processes through ZTP and automatic service chaining of different security and network functions.

Fig 1.1- Versa Networks SD-Branch with Security
Basic features provided by Versa Networks SD-Security as NFV solution
As i discussed earlier above the basic features provided by Versa Network as SD-Security which is integrated with SD-WAN solution offered by Versa networks for the remote, Small and branch offices. These features are below: -
  • SD-WAN
  • Stateful Firewalling
  • Data loss Prevention
  • UTM
  • Next Generation Firewall functions
  • IPS features
  • Advance Malware protection
  • URL filtering
  • Content Filtering
  • Anti-virus for Endpoints
  • DDOS protection
  • Analytics Features
Versa Networks permits infra and security teams to design remote/branch offices security architectures at drastically lesser investment costs. Rather than using trademarked hardware appliances, Versa SD-Security is positioned on lesser product appliances cost.

Operating costs are low-price through central management and ZTP, which reduce deployment costs and streamline current processes such as software updates and capacity expansion.

In our next article, we will come up with the SD-WAN solution provided by Versa Networks which can be managed by Service provider or unmanaged solution. 

An article by Alan George