Next Generation Firewalls : Top 4 Vendors in the industry

Today I am going to talk about the top 4 Vendors of the Next Generation Firewalls which is taken in the Gartner 2018 Magic quadrant as of now. These all 4 vendors are extremely taken over the full market of the Next generation Firewalls and leading in the space of NGFW as per the Gartner report.

For the previous Years, Palo-Alto and Fortinet rule the Firewalls space but now Cisco and Checkpoint invest a lot of make them publish in the Gartner Leader’s space. Cisco work hard to make NGFW successful as the transition from the Cisco stateful Firewalls ASA to NGFW takes a lot of time.

Palo-Alto Networks: With the race of the best NGFW ( Next Generation Firewalls space, Palo-Alto is leading over the other vendors and is ahead from all the other vendors. Palo-Alto main competition is with Fortinet and Cisco.

Its seventh time that Palo-Alto is in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner. Palo-Alto placed premier in capability to accomplish and extreme in extensiveness of foresight for enterprise network Firewalls.

Fig 1.1- Palo-Alto Next Generation Firewalls
With the help of Palo-Alto Next Generation Firewalls  you can sense recognized and unidentified intimidations, including in encrypted traffic, using intellect engendered through numerous thousands of client deployments. 

That means they decrease jeopardies and avoid a extensive range of outbreaks. For example, they permit operators to approach data and applications based on business necessities as well as stop credential burglary and an invader's capability to use whipped authorizations.

Fortinet FirewallsFortinet is also an leading NGFW OEM with extreme capabilities and exploits purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to bring top-rated defense and high capacity comprising encrypted traffic. FortiGate diminishes complication with automated visibility into applications, operators and network and delivers security assessments to implement security best practices.

Fortinet with the help of NGFW story, considers the acknowledgement authorizes its reflectivity and guard across the entire network and differentiates the company's automated and integrated Security Fabric solution.

Fig 1.2- Fortinet Next Generation Firewalls
Fortinet NGFW brings ascendable capability of advanced security services like Threat Protection, SSL inspection, and ultra-low latency for shielding inner segments and mission critical environments.

FortiGate NGFW delivers automated visibility into cloud applications, IoT devices and automatically learns end to end topology view of the enterprise network. FortiGate is a core part of security fabric and authorized security guard the enterprise network from recognized and unidentified attacks.

Cisco Next Generation Firewalls: Cisco has Talos, the big brain who almost analyze 6 TB of traffic and has much intelligence to understand the malicious content and malware. It regularly examines threat data and generates security shields that the Cisco NGFW uses to automatically protect organizations against recognized, unidentified and new evolving threats. As a result of Talos great abilities, Cisco NGFW customers were safeguarded from dangarous attacks such as WannaCry, NetPetya, and VPNFilter.

Cisco NGFW goes beyond anticipation to give you deep visibility into telemetry and theoretically malicious file action across users, hosts, networks, and infrastructure. This permits you to sense malicious activity fast and abolish it earlier damage can be done.

Fig 1.3- Cisco Next Generation Firewalls
Cisco NGFW hardware and software selections association confirmed network Firewalls with the industry’s most operative next-gen NGIPS and advanced malware protection. With the Cisco NGFW you can get more visibility, be more flexible, save more, and protect better.

The features like Stateful Firewalls  Application Visibility and Control, NGIPS, Advanced Malware Protection, URL Filtering, DDoS will be available in the Single NGFW box of Cisco.

Checkpoint Firewalls: Of course, Checkpoint is a leading brand in the NGFW space and leading the market since 2 -3 years. Checkpoint Next Generation Firewalls recognizes and controls applications by user and scans content to stop threats.

With the help of Checkpoint Next Generation Firewalls  administrators get complete visibility into the users, groups, applications, machines and connection types on your network so they can allocate authorizations to the right users and devices. 

The Firewalls makes it easy and cost-effective to implement security policy, giving granular permission control over these entities which effects in higher shield across the complete security gateway.

Fig 1.4- Checkpoint Next Generation Firewalls
Next Generation Firewalls comprises the Checkpoint IPS Software Blade, which safeguards network by examining packets crossing through the gateway. It is a full-featured IPS, delivering geo-protections and repeated, automated threat definition updates. Because the IPS is part of the integrated Software Blade Architecture, you will get all the implementation and administration benefits of a unified and extensible solution.

Before we jump into the conclusion, hope you guys understand the difference between NGFW with UTM and Firewalls.

Below is the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Next Generation Firewall in the Year of 2018.

Fig 1.5- Gartner Magic Quadrant for NGFW-2018
As of conclusion and the data received from the market research team of RouteXP, the most enterprises stick towards Palo-Alto followed by CiscoFortinet and Checkpoint. No doubt Palo-Alto is one of the most amazing NGFW but Cisco and Fortinet has neck to neck race with Palo-Alto.

As per the commercials, Fortinet is extremely good followed by CiscoCheckpoint and Palo-Alto. As all these Firewalls are excellent and provide you almost all the features of inbuilt NGFW, option is to check the capabilities by taking proof of validation in your environment. As if checking the features of NGIPS, no doubt Cisco is one of the most wonderful player and leading the space.