Palo-Alto Networks going to Acquire Twistlock – A Container security Vendor

Container security is one of the biggest hot topics in the industry these days and many of the OEMs working on the same. Palo Alto a network security company going to acquire Twistlock for approx. of $410 million. Palo alto is very much aggressive to make the container security portfolio in their offerings. 

Fig 1.1-Palo-Alto Networks Headquarters

Twistlock has advanced container security technology for enterprises.With the agreement, Palo-Alto Networks is enhancing further abilities as client’s aspiration interoperable security offerings in progressively complicated cloud operating environments.

Twistlock was founded in 2015 an Israel-based cybersecurity company to develop and provide a cybersecurity technology platform that delivers security for all workloads across any cloud environment, including containers, hosts and serverless.

About Twistlock Container Architecture
Container architecture changes key security worries and necessities matched to the old world of legacy applications. With virtual machines, we have only a host OS, a guest OS, and a guest application environment to secure. On bare metal, and in most types of cloud-based environments, the security situation is even simpler because there are fewer layers of software.

Containerized environments have numerous extra layers of abstraction that need dedicated gears to understand, monitor, and defend these new applications. In a production container atmosphere, you have a numeral of diverse layers to secure. 

In addition to the host OS and the container runtime, we have an orchestrator, a container registry, images, and most likely several different microservices within your application. Finally, containerized applications add complexity by redefining the old notion of protecting a single “perimeter”, requiring new approaches for securing the network layer.

Full Stack, Full Lifecycle Container Security with Twistlock
As a Container security vendor, Twistlock delivers full lifecycle, full stack container security for any platform and public cloud provider. With the help of Twistlock, we can manage and prevent vulnerabilities from development to production.

As many of you heard about the Twistlock container security architecture, Twistlock integrates with the CI process, at the registry, and in production to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and risk in hosts, containers, and images.

Twistlock provides solution on the Amazon ECS security, Azure Security, Docker Security, GCP Security, Kubernetes Security, Pivotal, OpenShift Security, Istio Security and Serverless security.