Palo Alto Networks Cloud Security Solution- Prisma

Today I am going to talk about newly announced cloud security solution from Palo Alto Networks. As the demand increases for the cloud-based solution, Palo Alto Network announces Prisma to help their customer with more security in the cloud-based solutions.

Palo Alto networks come up with the four different components in the Prisma which will help to protect the connection between the cloud from Branch, campus or datacenter environment. 

Fig 1.1- Palo Alto Networks Prisma
Prisma Access: Prisma Access safeguards access to the cloud for branch offices and mobile users anywhere in the world with a scalable, cloud-native architecture, blending enterprise-grade security with a globally scalable network. 

Customers will also have access to a simplified cloud management user interface (UI) that permits quick onboarding of campuses and users. In addition, Prisma Access will comprise abilities particularly intended for service providers to permit the quick provisioning of protected outbound internet connectivity for their customers.

Prisma Public Cloud:  Prisma Public Cloud delivers uninterrupted visibility, security, and compliance monitoring across public multi-cloud deployments. Driven by machine learning, it correlates data and assesses risk across the cloud environment. 

Customers can further diminish their attack surface early in the development cycle through a "shift left" approach to security. With the capability to sense vulnerabilities and fix inappropriate designs in customers' infrastructure-as-code templates, developers can reduce risk without sacrificing agility.

Prisma SaaS: Prisma SaaS is a multi-mode cloud access security broker (CASB) service that securely permits SaaS application acceptance. It offers progressive abilities in risk discovery, adaptive access control, data loss prevention, compliance assurance, data governance, user behavior monitoring, and advanced threat prevention. 

New integrations will bring improved administration experience across IT-sanctioned and IT-unsanctioned SaaS applications with unified visibility and management.

Prisma VM-series: Prisma VM-series is the virtualized form factor of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall that can be deployed in private and public cloud computing environments, including Amazon Web Services, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and VMware NSX. The VM-Series is also enhanced through infrastructure-as-code automation for deployment and configuration, which reduces complexity for customers.

Basic Use cases with Prisma
Secure Cloud enabled Mobile workforce
To secure cloud connected branches and Campuses
Zero trust cloud security
Cloud Threat Protection
Cloud Governance and Compliance
Cloud Data protection
Secure Devops.