Arista enters into campus switching with a Bang!

Whenever we talk about campus switching, we always have an option to go with Cisco or HPE as preferred partners and but now Arista come up with the Campus access switches to redefine the campus architecture. 

With the huge success in the datacenter, Arista come up with the access switches in campus to capture the market. The install base is huge at campus layer which either Cisco or HPE has their market share. 

Arista Cognitive Campus is a software-driven methodology to combine wired and wireless campus access constructed on real-time, data-driven analytics that emphasis on bringing a better user and operator experience. The Arista Cognitive Campus influences the Arista Universal Cloud Network (UCN) architecture established for the world's largest datacenter.

Fig 1.1- Arista Campus Architecture 
Why Campus Architecture is important?
In the modern era, Intent Based networking is the key to get network visibility, automation and other key features in next generation networks. As evolution starts with Datacenter, WAN or Campus, everyone looks for next generation networks to get all the key features. 

Arista successfully get some of the market share in the datacenter and now innovate in the campus architecture. Arista already captured Mojo Networks for their wireless campus network and with the campus access layer, now they are going with wired and wireless architecture to challenge Cisco defined Software defined Access. 

With the extended CloudVision, network workers will be able to use a unified user interface for wired and wireless networks over the campus, data center and cloud, as well as using data repositories collected over the entire network to improve performance.

Fig 1.2- Arista Networks
Arista has accomplished to achieve against the much larger rival by keeping a focus on one market with high-performance data centers. It remains to be seen whether this new extension onto the enterprise campus builds on that strength, or pushes Arista too far leaving Cisco still on top. 

Some of the existing Arista customer are very much happy when they heard about the Arista introduction to the campus networking. Now it’s time to focus for Arista to have seamless integration of Mojo wireless network, Access wired and core network, Datacenter network to be on single pane of glass by CloudVision- an orchestration for network visibility and automation.

Arista is challenging bigger players in the market like Cisco to get the larger share market in the campus.