Cisco DNA Center Version 1.2.10

Today I am going to talk about the new release of Cisco DNA Center. The new release of Cisco DNA center is 1.2.10. Now as compared to the previous version of Cisco DNA center which is DNA 1.2.8 there are some enhancements which came to Cisco DNA center 1.2.10

Cisco DNA Center Assurance collects multiple data sources and continuously checks that the network honors the expressed intent for services and policies at all times.  It gives you better insights so you can detect issues faster

Before we start with the newer version of Cisco DNA center 1.2.10, we need to understand what DNA center is actually and what is the purpose of Cisco DNA center. As we wrote earlier in our article about DNA center, DNA center is DNA based architecture piece, which covers Infrastructure, Application, Automation and analytics. All these cover in one bundle and that is called as DNA.

Cisco DNA center will give you the full view of the automation with APIC-EM, Cisco ISE and Telemetry with Analytics. You have a full view on the DNA center and will be drive all automation, security and the analytics.

Fig 1.1- Cisco DNA Center Architecture in SD-Access deployment
What’s new in Cisco DNA Center 1.2.10 version? 
Well as Cisco added new Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller, it has been added to SDA support with the new DNA center 1.2.10 version. These devices are Cisco Cat9800-80, CAT9800-40, CAT9800-CL (Private cloud deployment) and of course Cisco CAT9800 embedded wireless controller which can provide you fabric in a box solution. 

Other changes like you can use Cisco Nexus 7000/7700 devices in an SDA without MPLS licenses required. As earlier if we want Cisco Nexus 7k devices to be part of SD-Access, we required appropriate MPLS licensing as well but not required in DNA Center 1.2.10 version.

For the Automation side of it, you can use the physical and virtual appliances for making the LAN Fabric like VMWare, ESXi, KVM and Cisco ENCS devices which are virtual form factors.
You can also have the SWIM support in Cisco catalyst 9800.

What is the hardware difference between the Cisco DNA center 1.2.8 and 1.2.10 versions?
Well with the Cisco DNA center 1.2.10- DN2-HW-APL, it is 44 core and DN2-HW-APL-L, it is 56 core device which high CPU and memory. 

What are the other improvements in Cisco DNA center 1.2.10?
There are many improvements in the features like HA failover, NTP mismatch, Real time link down issues, Interface error suspension issues, onboarding issues and many more resolved in the new version of Cisco DNA center.

Cisco DNA Center Platform delivers an open extensible platform that Cisco customers and partners can use to create value added applications that can be built on top of its native capabilities.

We can influence the Cisco DNA Center Intent APIs, Integration APIs, Events and Notification and Multi-Vendor support to enhance the overall network experience by optimizing end-to-end IT processes, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and develop new value networks.

Cisco DNA Center APIs allow you to build custom applications that extend the power of Intent Based Networking throughout your IT Ecosystem.

Types of northbound Cisco DNA Center APIs
Network APIs: Network-level, feature-based APIs extending the functionality of Cisco DNA Center to the rest of your IT ecosystem
Business APIs: Intent-based APIs abstracting network operations to align with business constructs