Basic Configuration of EIGRP dynamic routing protocol on Cisco Router

Today we are going to talk about the basic configuration of Dynamic Routing Protocol -EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) on Cisco router. We know there are so many parameters to configure and we will take some of them in this article. Starting with the basic configuration on the EIGRP- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol on Cisco router.

First, we are going to change the hostname of the router with the name ConfigXP_Router and then enabling secret password followed by disabling router from unfamiliar words into IP addresses.

Then we will start configuring the Dynamic Routing Protocol- EIGRP. Initially we need to enable EIGRP on the router. The autonomous-system number identifies the route to other EIGRP routers and is used to tag the EIGRP information. Here we use AS number for EIGRP is 10.

Further we need to specify a list of networks on which EIGRP is to be applied, using the IP address of the network of directly connected networks.

Fig 1.1- Basic EIGRP Topologies
Below is the basic configuration to configure EIGRP- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol on Cisco router with two networks as described below.

EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) Basic Configuration

Router> enable
Router # configure terminal
Router (config)#hostname RouteXP_Router 
RouteXP_Router (config)# router eigrp 10
RouteXP_Router (config-router) # network //1stNetwork
RouteXP_Router (config-router) # network //2ndnetwork

RouteXP_Router (config-router) # end