Another Cyber-attack : Petya Cyberattack after Wannacry Shutdowns Europe

Another Cyber-attack shocked Europe as many of the Firms like Airport industries, Banks, Government departments effected by this Petya Cyberattack. It was said that it is the beginning of the attacks and will have many more attacks in near future. Cyber security is one of the most demanding feature now a days who can save you from these cyber attacks.

Fig 1.1- Petya Cyberattack After Wannacry

Experts says, Petya Ransomware attack is just a test and will come up with more worse in the future. So you need to take care about the attacks by applying best security features like Cisco OpenDNS as a first line of security of the big and the other enterprise networks.

Many of the vendors come up with their inputs on the cyberattack where most of the industries across Ukraine, Russia and some part of Europe effected. Most of the firms from Danish and Spanish are effected as well. It may grow towards the Asia and the American region but still no footprints of these attacks.

It is said that ( the effected industries review)- The virus is believed to be ransomware - a piece of malicious software that shuts down a computer system and then demands an extortionate sum of money to fix the problem. 

As per the news by the Telegraphy, National Bank of Ukraine already warned other banks in the region about an external hacker attack on the websites of some Ukrainian banks which was carried out some days back. The payment is in the bitcoins as per the sources.

From the other sources, it has been effected the advertising firm WPP in the united kingdom, As per the information from the WPP, they said its systems had also been struck down, while in the Netherlands a major shipping firm confirmed its computer terminals were malfunctioning. 

Fig 1.2- Petya Cyber- Attack main screen
Other sources says, that communication is normally done through the obfuscated Tor protocol, which relies on a distributed web of servers and is impossible for one organisation to shut down. In this instance, however, the attackers had one single email address listed for communication. It was quickly shut down by Posteo the German ISP responsible for the email account. That means that victims will not be able to communicate with the attackers to organize payment or receive decryption codes, effectively meaning any encrypted files will be lost forever, if backups aren’t available.

Make sure you have all your backup done to avoid the losses in case you will be attacked.