Hardware Cisco ISR 800 Series router

Today we will discuss about the demand of the routers where customer is asking for the DSL or 3G/4G connections. There are lot of router models in the market for the DSL connections. Cisco come up with the router named Cisco 800 series router. 

Before using Cisco ISR 800 series router, you should know about the network design and the recommendations. You probably think about the number of the users in your network and the technology which supported by this router. These routers are widely used in the network where the requirement is upto 20 users in the network. You can say that these routers can be used for small offices or remote offices, sometimes we don't have the ISP MPLS network available in remote areas, these routers have capability to include the SIMs so that they can be connected via mobile network and can be accessed through it.

Some of you knew what are the capabilities of the Cisco 800 series router but some of still think where and in which environment it is uses.Well there are lot of the network design and the recommendations where you are using the Cisco 800 ISR routers.

For the DSL connections, It can be ADSL/VDSL in many of the countries these routers are the primary choice.Cisco 800 series ISR routers can also be used in the WAN connectivity with more capabilities. These routers are also capable for voice enable connectivity and also can handle video traffic across the network.

Fig 1.1 Cisco 800 ISR router Back view with description

With the use of Cisco ISR 800 router we can provide encryption, VPN, firewall, and URL filtering (Cloud Web Security), helping you safeguard your customers and data. There are various models available of Cisco 800 series routers and these models are 
  • Cisco ISR 810 router
  • Cisco ISR 860 router
  • Cisco ISR 880 router
  • Cisco ISR 890 router

These routers are capable or supported various routing protocols RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP and BGP. It also have the VPN support like GETVPN, DMVPN features in it. For high end routers they have also IPSEC features available. You can create maximum of 10 to 20 IPSEC tunnels by using these routers.

Some models in Cisco 800 ISR routers are integrated with the advance WAN optimization features which is called as WAAS optimization. It is also highly capable of 30 to 75 of the TCP sessions. You can also use the feature named SSL VPN but with the separate license.

Some of the enterprises network have the requirement of the POE ( Power over Ethernet ) routers and in Cisco ISR 800 series router there is model Cisco ISR 880 is capable of integrated 2 POE ports.

Hope the features will guide you to use these routers in your network as per the requirement.