Cisco 3900 Series Routers

Well there are lot of models cisco release for the various capacity and bandwidth. It's always the need of the enterprise network or the study of the market requirement cisco releases various router models. Let us suppose we have a small office where customer needs the MPLS network and the the users are about 10- 12 Mbps. What you think on this amount of the bandwidth what you really design ? what you really recommend the customer ....

Think hard, did you able to visualise which router you are gonna recommend, Well let me tell you some of the recommendations. In the above Scenario i will recommend Cisco 1941 Router or even Cisco 1921 router ( Only in the case of Cisco routers ) you can also choose juniper router or Huawei router as per the bandwidth.

Well If there is the need of the enterprise network where you really think the users are about 100 or more than 100, what you think what bandwidth will be recommended to your customer, I guess if it goes upto 150 Mbps you can have two options whether it is on ethernet or on lease line, you can recommend cisco 3900 series router in this case.

Yes Cisco 3900 Series router has many capabilities, earlier it was Cisco 3800 series devices which is replaced by Cisco 3900 series router now a days. Lets talk about specially on Cisco 3900 series routers, we have various models available in Cisco 3900 series routers and they are as Cisco 3945E, Cisco 3925E, Cisco 3945, and Cisco 3925.

Fig 1-1 Cisco 3900 Series Router

Lets discuss about some of the features of these models.

  • Cisco 3900 Series routers offer highest levels of services integration with voice, video, security, mobility, and data services means you have integration with all the 4 platforms.
  • The said model Cisco 3900 Series provides the highest performance and slot densities among the routers in the Cisco ISR G2 portfolio, enabling you to maximise services integration and reducing overall capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenses
  • It also been captured that Cisco 3900 series router have high-speed WAN environments with concurrent services enabled up to 350 Mbps but in real environment it can be recommended till 150 Mbps ( as per my personal recommendations )
  • There are also availability of the Modular interfaces offer increased bandwidth, a diversity of connection options, and network resiliency.

Well you can see that Cisco 3900 series routers have four 10/100/1000 Ethernet WAN ports or scaled upto 4. Some of the models in Cisco 3900 series routers such as Cisco 3945 and 3925 are designed for Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) environments.

Further on the ordering part of Cisco 3900 Series routers and also on the  line cards used we will come up soon on this.