Cisco Wireless : FlexConnect Debug Commands

Today I am going to talk about some of the commands used for debugging or troubleshooting in the Wireless FlexConnect Scenario. 

WLAN-VLAN mapping
Debug Commands on AP
debug capwap flexconnect save
debug capwap flexconnect wlan-vlan
debug capwap flexconnect

debug capwap cli cli -- Prints the commands executed on the AP to create sub-interfaces

Debug commands on controller
debug flexconnect wlan-vlan

Fig 1.1-Sample Topology FlexConnect Mode

Show command at AP
sh capwap reap saved -- Shows the saved config from flash
sh capwap reap assoc

Show command at controller
sh ap config general <AP_name>

VLAN-ACL mapping, FLexconnect ACLs
Debug command on AP
debug ip access-list internal

show command on Controller
show flexconnect acl summary
show flexconnect acl detail <acl>
show ap config general <AP name>

show command on AP
sh run | b inter gig0.x -- for checking ACL on the interface

Debug command on AP
(this is to avoid SSH timeout)
debug capwap console cli
config t
line vty 0 4
exec-timeout 0
session-timeout 0
term len 0
term mon
debug capwap flexconnect
debug capwap flexconnect mgmt
debug capwap client config
debug capwap client mgmt
debug capwap client payload ( if this adds lot of traffic, please disable it)
debug dot11 mgmt station
debug dot11 mgmt state-machine
debug dot11 mgmt state
debug dot11 mgmt interface
debug dot11 mgmt msg
debug dot11 station connection failure
debug dot11 mgmt flexconnect 11w
debug dot11 ft
debug capwap flexconnect dot11r
debug dot11 wpa-cckm-km-dot1x

Radio debug:-
debug dot11 d0/d1 monitor address <Client mac>
debug dot11 d0/d1 tr pr xmt rcv clients keys ...
             (OR) debug dot11 d1 trace print clients mgmt keys rxev txev rcv xmt txfail ba
             u all - To stop debug.

Debug Command on COS AP

WCP Debugs:               
debug dot11 client level events addr <mac>               
debug dot11 client level errors addr <mac>               
debug dot11 client level critical addr <mac>
debug dot11 client level info addr <mac> ( Info = This will get additional info, but may only be needed for indepth debugging)

Client Datapath:                
debug dot11 client datapath eapol addr <mac>               
debug dot11 client datapath dhcp addr  <mac>
debug dot11 client datapath arp addr  <mac>

Client AP traces:                
config ap client-trace address add <mac>              
config ap client-trace output console-log enable               
config ap client-trace filter all enable
config ap client-trace filter probe disable
config ap client-trace start                
term mon               
exec-timeout 0 0  
config ap client-trace stop - To stop debug.

Debug command on Controller
debug client <mac of client>
debug aaa events enable
debug ft events enable
debug flexconnect aid enable
debug flexconnect pmk enable
config session-timeout  0 ===> to disable timeout on WLC debugs

Show command on AP
sh bridge
sh bridge verbose

Local Authentication/Fast Roam at AP issues
Debug command on AP

In addition to the debugs for the client join issue, following should be enabled

debug dot11 aaa authenticator
deb dot11 aaa dispatcher
deb dot11 aaa manager all
debug aaa authentication

Debug command on Controller
debug client <mac of client>
debug flexconnect pmk enable

Fault Tolerance (Radio reset/Client Deauth)
Debug command on AP
debug dot11 mgmt flexconnect
debug capwap flexconnect fault-tolerance
debug dot11 mgmt flexconnect fault-tolerance
debug dot11 events (advanced)

Debug command on Controller

debug flexconnect fault-tol

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