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Introduction to Huawei AR-3200 Routers

Huawei AR3200 series enterprise routers are next-era enterprise glory routers mainly based on the Huawei branded stretchy Routing Platform (VRP), which take benefit of Huawei long-time period gathering in facts communication, Wi-Fi, get admittance to community, and center community. 

The AR3200 incorporates routing, switching, 3G, voice, and safety functions. It makes use of the multi-core CPU and non-blocking off switching shape and offers industry-main device overall functioning and extensibility, meeting provider growth provisions in the future. 

The AR3200 affords a combined solution for company networks, hastens multi-service provision, and protects clients' savings. The AR3200 presents one model: AR3260.The AR3200 affords numerous relaxed get admission to capabilities to implement communique between agency branches and among branches and the headquarters, and to enable companions to get right of entry to organisation resources. 

Fig 1.1- Huawei Router Diagram

Tunnels which include GRE VPN and IPSEC VPN are set up between the headquarters and branches to implement relaxed records access and transmission. The AR3200 implements speedy tunnel deployment and authentication for branches. using a tunnel, partners can access and percentage corporation sources. The AR3200 affords authentication and authorisation for customers.

The Huawei AR3200 corporation routers are subsequent-generation group brilliance routers based totally on the Huawei exclusive flexible Routing Platform (VRP), which takes benefit of Huawei’s administration in records announcement, wireless, get admission to community, and center network technology.

The AR3200 routers integrate routing, switching, 3G, voice, and protection capabilities. It utilizes a multi-center CPU and non-blockading switching shape offering industry-main gadget overall performance and extensibility, assisting evolving provider development requirements. The AR3200 routers provide an integrated solution for company networks, speed up multi-service provisioning and protect clients' investments. 

The modular chassis permits clients to personalize the router with interchangeable interface playing cards.The AR3200 routers use embedded hardware encryption techniques and help a voice-optimized digital signal Processor (DSP). 

It helps firewall features, call processing, voice mail, and different programs. TheAR3200 routers support stressed out and Wi-Fi access modes, inclusive of E1/T1, xDSL, xPON, CPOS, and 3G.

The AR3200 routers assist non-obligatory interface playing cards, which include Ethernet, E1/T1/PRI/VE1, synchronous/asynchronous, ADSL2+/G.SHDSL, ISDN, CPOS, EPON/GPON and FXS/FXO voice cards. they are to be had in the following codecs: SIC (smart Interface Card), WSIC (Double-Width SIC), and XSIC (Double-height WSIC), depending at the quantity of slots.

Services Integrated on One Router
The AR3200 integrates routing, switching, 3G, voice, and security functions. The AR3200 connects with the mainstream third-party IT systems by using the Open Service Platform (OSP) to provide a unified communication solution for enterprise users. The customers, agents, third-party vendors, and builders can develop and use the AR3200 as required.  AR3200 provides various voice functions for enterprise data networks, enabling the enterprises to communicate amenably and professionally.

Secure Service Access 
During service provision, the AR3200 ensures security of enterprise networks. It provides a complete security protection mechanism, counting user access control, packet detection, and active attack defense. This apparatus protects customers' investments.

Intelligent Service Deployment
As the enterprise scale increases, enterprise users have high requirements on service deployment. The AR3200 provides USB disk to deploy devices and auto-config function for service deployment.

Simplified Service Management: Enterprise users require simply service management. The AR3200 provides the iTec, NQA, Net Stream functions to simplify service management. 
The AR3200 provides 24GE interface cards to implement high-density GE access. This interface card facilitates network operation and maintenance and protects investment.

The AR routers have built-in PBX, which helps the corporation major quantity, IVR, and bill inquiry purposes to enhance corporate picture and improve enterprise discussion performance. The AR3200 is located inside the headquarters to offer the clever dialling characteristic. 

The AR3200 participates voice, fax, and IP services. when providing voice contributions for enterprise users, the AR3200 purposes because the SIP access gateway of a department to transform telephone indications into VoIP signals. The AR3200 uplink interfaces are connected to the IMS/NGN network to allow any broadcasting along with phones, handsets, and computer systems to speak at any time.
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